Essentially Chas is a boutique marketing and consulting agency that provides highly individualized service for our clients. We’re selective about who we represent—making sure we’re the best fit for the authors we work with, and vice versa. Our goal with any new client is to make a connection, share a common passion, and develop a lasting relationship.

We’ve found by applying this strategy we’re not only more cost effective, we are consistently accountable for the work we do and stand behind the reasons we do it.

Chasity Jenkins-Patrick

Owner & Chief of Everything
Chasity, aka Chas, has been an avid reader all of her life and could often be found sneaking her mom’s Harlequins anytime she could find one left lying around. Combining that passion with her strategic and internet marketing expertise, she turned her favorite things into a business. Over the past decade, Chas has led campaigns for many New York Times and USA Today best selling authors.

With the philosophy that every marketing and publicity campaign can only work if it is tailored to each individual author, Chas prides herself on her innate ability to anticipate the needs of her clients.


Chief Administrative Officer
Candi is a gal that gets things DONE. She’s the master of controlling chaos. Hand her an unorganized nightmare of “things” and within a day, she’ll have your mess whipped into a structured system that will blow you away.

When she’s not implementing her coordinated methodologies, she can be found with her nose stuck in a book, hanging out with her husband and dog, or planning her annual Halloween party—which she quite literally spends all year planning.


Advertising Strategist
With a professional background as a network television writer and producer, Ann’s made connecting with audiences her speciality for over a decade.

She considers herself an audio-visual matchmaker, marrying words and pictures to tell captivating stories that grab attention. Whether introducing a new business or building loyalty for an established brand, Ann creates social media campaigns that are impactful, engaging and effective.

Ann also enjoys lending her skills to help promote and grow several non-profit orgnaizations that support cancer research, autism awareness and family resources. Any given Sunday afternoon you’ll find her pages deep in a favorite book.


Co-owner/Marketing Director
G’s extensive background in management and marketing crosses a myriad of industries. A Jack of all trades, his strength is in customer service and his ability to keep things organized in the midst of turmoil.

After working at a call center (which he doesn’t recommend), traveling the country (which he highly recommends) in a sketchy black van (which he definitely doesn’t recommend) with his band, G settled down and found his passion—internet marketing (which he highly enjoys).

Above all, though, G prides himself on his ability to spend time in a guitar store and NOT play Stairway to Heaven.


Operations Manager
Jess is an operation manager and product owner by day, and a PTA/soccer mom by night. With a wide range of experience in hospitality, business services, and tech, she feels fortunate to be able to use that experience to work in the romance industry.

When she’s not trying to take over the world, you can find Jess at her Orangetheory or barre yoga class, watching a football or baseball game with her husband (GO CLEMSON), or binge reading her new favorite series.


Translations Director
Christin spent her late teens and early twenties traveling through Europe, learning languages and teaching kids how to love Harry Potter. She worked as a PA for a chaotic lawyer, and managed families from all over the world. She’s an avid reader, with her main love being romance. Now she’s managing words, translators and editors while bringing your words to life.


Social Media Manager
Kcee is an English teacher by profession yet chose to be a graphics designer and social media manager in the romance industry. She has assisted several authors since 2017 and still enjoys creating positive online presence for wordsmiths today.

As someone who started out as a blogger, she knows how important it is for authors to build a great connection with their readers.

She loves the outdoors so if she’s not designing and strategizing, Kcee can be found getting her dose of Vitamin C with her little family at the nearest beach.